APN’s Guilty Pleasures TV shows/Movies

Peculiar Joseph

Staff Writer

My Guilty pleasure is not one that came very naturally to me. I was influenced and encouraged by a friend who watches the movie “Barbie.” My interest in it grew more and more because of my friend’s recommendation. People will think college students are too old to watch Barbie but it has a lot of value and morals immersed in it while being fun at the same time. A little value will not hurt, so really everyone should be watching barbie. 

Amy Ward

Staff Writer

My guilty pleasure movies would be most anything starring Adam Sandler. For example, “Grown Ups,” “Grown Ups 2,” “Pixels,” etc. For TV shows, my usual guilty pleasures are “Looney Tunes,” cartoons and “My Hero” which was a BBC sitcom that ran from 2000 to 2006. I usually watch any random cartoon I come across, like “Power Rangers”. 

Shikira Fisher 

Staff Writer

I’ve always been obsessed with reality TV. Out of all of the reality shows I watch, “Dance Moms” is my guilty pleasure. The show is about a group of girls on a competition dance team and their crazy dance moms. The little girls are beautiful dancers, but their mothers make the show amazing. In every episode, the mothers always find a reason to argue. The arguments are usually about how one little girl, Maddie, is the favorite and gets special treatment from their dance teacher. Besides the moms, the dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, is one of the meanest teachers I’ve ever seen. She’s really rude to the kids and moms, which shouldn’t be funny, but it is. “Dance Moms” came out years ago, and I still watch it before bed sometimes. It’s definitely one of the best shows ever. 

Photo from Unsplash.com

Aleksandra Sidorova

Staff Writer

My appreciation for Will Ferrell’s movies usually is a secret. While some of his movies, like “Megamind,” have achieved widespread popularity and critical acclaim, many simply aren’t viewed as “good movies.” However, I personally greatly enjoy Ferrell’s indulgence in profane words and sexual themes. Watching his movies, especially “Blades of Glory” and “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga,” makes me comfortable with my own affinity for naughty words and themes. I think sex is funny, sue me.

Munya Chimanye

Staff Writer

It pains me dearly to admit this so openly, but when I lock my doors on a Friday night, making sure to silence my phone so I do not have to actively ignore a phone call, I revert to watching romantic comedies. My tastes normally steer me towards Hugh Grant features like “Notting Hill” or “The Englishman who went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain”, but I am not at all against a chick-flick rom-com like The Proposal.

Phone from Unsplash.com

Kiyanna Noel

Staff Writer

My guilty pleasure TV Show will definitely be “Boy Meets World.” I love that show so much and I aspired to be just like Topanga Lawrence. Although I couldn’t relate to the show in its entirety, I’ve always loved watching and I constantly binge the show when I want to relax or when I need to take a step back from reality. My guilty pleasure movie is “Twilight Saga.” I love rewatching those movies and relating to certain characters and scenes. Honestly, watching Twilight movies made me feel less alone when I was going through some rough times. It always reminded me that someone out there has it worse, even if it was a vampire vs. werewolf situation.

Kennedy Tavares

Staff Writer

I have several guilty pleasure shows and movies that I revisit, some would say, too much. Currently, my favorite guilty pleasure show is “Modern Family.” Modern Family is a show that follows three different family types; traditional, blended, and same-sex, in a documentary style. This show is a favorite of mine because not only is it hilarious but it acts as a comfort show. 

One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies is “That Awkward Moment” starring Zac Efron, Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller. It’s a movie that follows three 20-something-year-old men and their vow to stay single. As a lover of romantic comedies, this one is a particular favorite because the main protagonists are men which is a switch up from the normal. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the three main actors are extremely attractive.

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