Retail Nightmares

When it comes to the shopping experience, there is so much that can go wrong. For instance, a package could be delayed on an item you need right away or the store you’re visiting might be out of an item. 

Retail nightmares can affect customers and employees, extending to multiple industries. For example, one nightmare can be the customer service experience.

Picture of clothing store. Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash.

Shopping should be a hassle free experience, right? Think again. There are times when the experience is nothing but trouble. Nilay Vaidya, a computer science major, went through this. During his freshman year, he went to Walmart quite a lot. On his trips, Vaidya and his friends were followed by one of the workers. Their bags and items in them were always cross-checked with the receipt, and it was just his group. “We were all international people,” Vaidya said. They were being singled out because of their ethnicity. Talk about rudeness. 

You know what else is a nightmare? Not being able to find clothing in your size, which is what Anika Brown deals with. “I like to shop online, and sometimes things come wrong,” said Brown. “Since I’m a bigger size, there aren’t a lot of options for me and that’s kind of concerning.”

On the other hand, the employees have just as many problems. Mackenzie Kirwan, who works for a coffee chain, had the ultimate nightmare: the angry customer. A customer was given the wrong coffee. After their order was re-made, the customer was still displeased. Instead of dealing with this problem like a rational person, they chose to have a temper tantrum and throw it at the window.

Troublesome customers are one thing, nightmare bosses are another, which is what Greg Fonti had the experience of going through. Fonti applied for his first job at a grocery store. “After a couple of weeks, the work environment wasn’t all that pleasent. My boss sprayed me with cleaning supplies when I didn’t clean the register correctly,” Fonti said. Talk about nightmares.

This just goes to show that the retail world can be distressing for both the customer and the employee.So please everyone, do your best to make the shopping experience pleasant. Thank the employee for being helpful, if they were. Leave the business a positive review online. Leave a tip for your server. Smile a bit and use your manners by saying thank you. Doing any of these things can help and make the retail experience pleasant for everyone.

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