APN’s Favorite Fast Food Orders

There are so many different food places to choose from but the APN staff tells you what their favorite orders are.

Nickie Hayes


As a college student, I don’t order fast food as much as you might expect. I prefer to save as much money as possible, so when I do get it, it’s a real treat. To start, my fast food chain of choice has to be Chick-fil-A. There’s no Chick-fil-A anywhere near my hometown, so when I’m at college, if I’m going to go anywhere, it’s definitely there. The perfect order for me is a spicy deluxe chicken sandwich with a side of waffle fries and a lemonade. Plus, I can’t forget to mention I almost always get two sauces: their buttermilk ranch and Chick-fil-A sauce. For me personally, waffle fries are the superior type of fry, so it’s really a no-brainer which side to choose from there. Also, I love spicy foods and their spicy chicken sandwich definitely has some heat, but not too much. Ending off with the lemonade is the best platelet cleanser after eating all that greasy food. I know it’s quite a basic order, but what can I say, it’s just my go-to. 

Natalie St. Denis


Something I didn’t think about when deciding to become a vegetarian about six months ago was how my go-to fast food order would change. If my friends and I are on the run to a concert or other outing, we are likely running late. So sometimes a quick drive-thru order is our best option. Despite being able to eat none of the entrees on the menu of most fast food restaurants – except maybe a salad, which feels a bit lame to order there – I’m not going to be the person that’s picky when we are in a rush. Luckily, McDonald’s fries are enough of a mouth-watering snack themselves and Wendy’s Frostys fill me up while simultaneously taming my sweet tooth. But recently, as embarrassing as it is to admit, ordering a Big Mac without the patties has become my new guilty pleasure. Yes, you actually can order a burger without the burger. The double bun, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and of course the Big Mac sauce offer a lighter version of the normally hefty entree. Pair this with a side of fries, sweet and sour sauce and a Coke, and somehow the vegetarian will leave a fast food restaurant satisfied.

Kiyanna Noel

Staff Writer

My favorite fast food order would be chicken nuggets and french fries with an oreo or caramel milkshake. I may be a bit basic, but if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, and I strongly believe that chicken nuggets and fries are a good temporary solution when it comes to fast food. Getting a burger and having to remove certain ingredients and then risking the fact that it may be undercooked or overcooked is not a chance I would be willing to take. Ordering something simple, it eliminates the possibility of disappointment and it doesn’t hurt knowing that it is going to be delicious and warm.

Michael Hlopko

Staff Writer

I don’t make a habit of eating fast food. I may eat fast food once or twice every few months. On the off chance that I do, I tend to order two double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, along with ten chicken nuggets. If I’m having breakfast, I normally order a breakfast sandwich, preferably with sausage or ham, egg and cheese on a bagel.

Peculiar Joseph

Staff Writer

As I grew older, I somewhat lost interest in eating out. If I eat out at all, it will have to be a Nigerian gourmet because I grew up eating Nigerian food which I trust to be healthy. Having said that, for breakfast my favorite fast food order will be Akara and Pap. For lunch, I will order roasted yam and palm oil sauce and for dinner, I will order garri and okra soup with beef. These are all Nigerian meals to clarify again. I hope you get to try it too. 

Munya Chimanye

Staff Writer

As enthusiastic as I am about cooking, I find it hard to settle on junk food. I end up being too nitpicky and ultimately convincing myself I have wasted my money. There is but one exception: Taco Bell’s cheesy crunch gordita – wow. The marriage of the soft and hard-shell tacos as a vessel for their choice of “meat” would fill up my belly on any day.

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