A Review of Shoes in Maurices

People wear what they wear for different purposes. There are shoes for events, weddings, winter, summer and so many more occasions. Shelby Spies is used to helping shoppers find the right shoe for them. This article highlights different shoes people can wear for different activities. Shelby Spies shows what the best shoes are for different occasions. 

Spies, a store assistant at Maurices in Plattsburgh, New York, first showed off some cute school sneakers for kids featuring laces that were knotted on each side. They had laces which were knotted at the ends of each side. 

“Most of them do not tie, they just have the tie look on them,” Spies said. “These are really nice for jogging and walking. A lot of the kids wear them for school, not for gym, they just wear them for school in general.”

 The best thing about these non-tying shoes is that they come in different colors and styles.These non-tying shoes are called Hey Dude Shoes and can be found easily online. Spies said they are for school but are also stylish. 

These are samples of the Hey Dude Shoes. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

There are also more dressier options for the shoes in the store. They have boots which are good to wear when you want to just look nice. “These are little booties, they are really good for dressing up,” Spies said. “A lot of people like to wear them in the fall with skinny jeans. These are good for work, for pictures or for going out in a town.”

These are stylish boots used during the fall/winter. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

Are you a woman looking for Professional shoes? “ We have some flat shoe options which are very good for office workers and we have them in different colors.” These are good to go to for office dress clothes and even dresses for professional looks. 

These are flats, mostly used for work. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

Spies looked over some more boot options, but these ones were mainly for kids. “These boots are more popular for the kids in school when they want to dress up a little bit and have something cute to go with their clothes. They are really passionate about what kids wear,” Spies said.

“We also have the winter style boots, these are boots we get every fall/winter and they are really good in the winter time. They have a heavy fleece lining inside of them and they are really durable for when you get wet and your toes start freezing,” she said.  These boots are also good for hiking and walking to prevent your feet from getting cold. 

These are boots mostly used for hiking. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

“We also have the option for dressy heels that are good for casual, office, professional, looks,” Spies said. “During the summer time, I am actually wearing a pair right now, we get a whole line of sandals, they are very similar to Birkenstock and a lot cheaper and they are so popular in the summer. We get them in all different sizes, colors, and we also got the rubber style sandal which is really popular. We have a lot of dressy options for summer, work, weddings, and casual.”

These are heels which could be used for work or for casual wear in the summer. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

There are also a “little girl’s” set of shoes and clothes for kids. The “mommy and I” are matching shoes and clothes are also available at Maurices. It can be bought through their Maurices website.

This is the little girl’s set of shoes. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

You can also wear the rubber Birkenstocks. These rubber sandals are also worn in the  summer by kids and are very comfortable and stylish as well. 

These are the rubber Birkenstocks, which are comfortable sandals. Picture Taken by Peculiar Joseph.

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