What’s The Big Deal On Telfer Bags?

By: Esther Estrada

It’s a Telfeeze. If you haven’t heard that phrase, then you’re probably wondering what that even is. I’m here to tell you. Telfeeze became a nickname for one of the most popular trending purses out there today which is known as a Telfer bag. 

Telfer Bags come in three sizes — small, medium and large — all within the price range of $150 to $257.

If you ever tried to purchase one of these bags when the collection dropped online, you probably woke up early, sat online hoping your purchases went through, counting on your luck. If you didn’t know, they get sold out the second they drop any collection online. They’re also only able to be purchased online. 

( Medium size telfer bags in all shades of colors. Photo by: Highsnobiety )

What’s the hype about these bags? What makes them different from all the other bags? Let’s break it down together. This brand has been around since 2005, but its popularity didn’t take off until 2020. You’ve probably even seen your favorite celebrity rockin’ a Telfeeze.

The reason why these bags are so popular is because of  the designer behind the bag. Telfar Clemens is a queer, Liberian-American designer who has been advocating for inclusivity for years. This brand is truly made for everyone. Clemens only creates unisex pieces to stay true to the underlying value of his brand.

( Person holds a medium size telfer bag while on an esclucator. Photo by Mike Von )

Here are some reason why people purchase a Telfer bag:

  1. Limited supplies 

Telfar bags usually sell out within hours that a collection is dropped, making it more desirable to get your hands on one.

Telfar’s financial model is unique. They have a  self-financed production. They typically plan for production six months in advance, which is what has caused the bags to be so limited. However, this isn’t a premeditated strategy to make the brand more exclusive and to boost demand. After consistently selling out in August 2020, the brand had created a “bag security program,” which  is a program that only allows you to order one bag per order. This gives more people the opportunity to buy a bag, that way, more people are able to get their hands on the bags before they sell out so quickly.

2. Status symbol 

Due to the difficulty of getting them, they are seen as luxury bags. Even though they aren’t as expensive as bags from Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci, which can cost $1,000 or more. Telfer bags are still considered a luxury because they are so hard to acquire. They usually go on sale once or twice a month and drop in limited quantities of only a few hundred.

3. Simplicity

Many people love the fact that the bags come in different sizes and a variety of different colors. It’s a simple bag design of just the logo on a clean background of color. These bags still can be a great statement piece to go with any outfit, pulling it all together.

After learning some of the reasons why anyone would purchase a Telfer bag, will you be purchasing a Telfer next time it drops?

Here’s the link: https://telfar.net

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