The Avocat Waterfall – A Waterfall Worth The Travel

By: Kiyanna Noel

Why The Avocat Waterfall is Worth the Travel 

Photos by Kiyanna Noel

The Avocat Waterfall is located in Blanchisseuse, Trinidad and Tobago. The falls stands about 50 feet tall and is surrounded by beautiful water that runs from the Marianne River which is also the water in the fall itself. This brief hike is only about 30 minutes long, so no need to pack heavy equipment hiking gear because there aren’t going to be a lot of inclines or physical obstacles. However, If you choose sneakers, your feet may be heavy in the water so try to walk as opposed to swimming on the way back because your feet may drag you down. 

After you pull into the parking lot and pay a small fee of 20 Trinidadian dollars or $3 USD, you will see there are walking sticks available to guide you on the trail before you reach the waterfall. Depending on the time of year it can be very muddy and slippery. The trail is about a 10-15 minute walk before reaching a river bank. 

Enter the river bank and continue walking along. At this point, the water is very shallow and clear so you may see snails and lots of rocks beneath you. Many of the rocks are covered in algae so be very careful when stepping on or near them. There are different routes to continue on after a certain point. There is a ladder before a major river meeting point. The ladder takes you up on a more trail-like path as opposed to continuing to take the water, which eventually you will have to climb down and continue in the water. In the rainy season, it is not advised to take the makeshift ladder because of the dangers. However, there is still the river to swim and glide through the waters.

It is a very straight path to the waterfall and eventually you will begin to hear the water moving and hitting the rocks. The temperature also begins to drop the closer you get. You can hear the birds rustling through the leaves and see blue butterflies flying by. The water is very clear, but rough when you get close to the waterfall itself. Behind the waterfall is a small sitting area where you can hide out while enjoying the cool air. There is a big open area (the green section) next to the waterfall and a smaller area for those who may not be that sure of swimming out too soon.

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

Whichever you decide to venture into, prepare for significantly cold water. But luckily, the sun almost makes you forget how cold it is.

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

The walk back to the parking lot will be the same as before, but a bit more rewarding as you notice the different greenery and rock formations. Next to the parking lot, there is also a bathroom for changing into dryer clothes before officially leaving the grounds.

This short hike isn’t challenging and is easily accessible for those of all ages. It is a good way for quick exercise and a calm way to explore the flora and fauna of Trinidad and Tobago.

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