What to Pack for International/Domestic Travel + What can you bring

There are a wide range of resources and belongings people can pack for a trip. Although this depends on a number of factors like the purpose of the trip, length of stay and personal preferences. 

When you are traveling domestically versus internationally, you may need to consider what you can and cannot bring. Knowing what you are and aren’t allowed to bring will probably be the most strenuous part of the packing process. But, don’t fret. Below you’ll find tips and tricks from college students who are well versed in traveling far for their education.

Celine Nwakeze, who is a nineteen year old international student from Nigeria and goes to the State University of New York at Plattsburgh highlighted some essential tips for travel packing domestically. Nwakeze said you have to know the weather forecast of the destination you plan on traveling to. Weather information is important because it will help you to be aware of what to expect as well as what clothes to pack and how to dress as you travel. “As well, you may want to get a travel size skin care and hygiene set of products,” Nwakeze said.

You won’t be able to bring your normal size liquid products on board a flight. So, try to get portable and small containers to put your lotion and other products in. Also, do not forget to carry a charger for your electronics because just taking your devices is not enough. it is not enough to just take your electronic devices.   

“Travel with a backpack if you are trying to travel light instead of having a whole luggage you might eventually need to pay for,” Nwakeze said. Using a backpack will also help you to not over pack.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay. Taking a backpack where you can keep your essentials like travel documents, passports and money can be very handy.

“For international travel,” Nwakeze said, “you should pack everything and be prepared for anything.” Again, she suggests packing based on the weather of where you’re landing. Plus, always have cash with you even if it means converting it to another currency at your destination. Maybe most importantly, do not forget any vital documents like passports the security in the destination country might need. Also, always be conscious of your environment and be careful. You never know what might happen in the airport. Hold your luggage tight because you do not want to lose it. 

Jemima Goody-Ogwama also gave her take on what people can pack when they travel. “For international flights, I advise that people should go to the website of the airline or airport to check for the list of items that are not allowed for both shipped luggage and carry-on,” Goody-Ogwama said. This is so you do not need to worry about wasting money or resources or have your stuff thrown out. As well, this will help avoid issues with the immigration. 

“If you are traveling for the first time, always ask questions in the airport, so that you do not miss your flight because you went to the wrong place/gate,” Goody-Ogwama said. Don’t forget to carry undergarments and essential clothing items in a carry on bag. “If you are a student and you have a laptop, do not forget to bring it with you in your backpack,” Goody-Ogwama said.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay. Traveling can be very interesting, but make sure to ask questions if you are ever confused about where next you have to go to in the airport.

Lastly Elumedon Iweriebor gave her view on what can be packed for both domestic and international travel. She said to pack something from home, it can be food, pictures of your family or even something that used to be in your house for international travel because it can keep you connected to where you came from.

 “Also take money, so that you can live, money to buy food, your religious books like Bible, Quran, or any book that keeps you connected to your lifestyle,” Iweriebor said. Pack with you living essentials like clothes that suit the weather in the travel destination, and also clothes that remind you of home. For both international and domestic travel remember to bring your forms of identification like passport, visa (if you are not a citizen) and National ID. 

These tips for what to pack and tips for international and domestic travel can be sincerely useful especially when you are overwhelmed when packing for either international or domestic travels.

Image by Pam Patterson from Pixabay. This picture signifies the map of the world and it gives that international travel vibe.

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