Poetry Books for the Soul 

By Kiyanna Noel

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

Seasonal depression is back again, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside with only your thoughts. Reading is a good way to get your mind off things and shift your focus.  Here’s a list of relatable poetry books that can help you not only heal, but inspire you to keep moving forward:

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

1. “Watering the Soul” by Courtney Peppernell

“Watering The Soul” by Courtney Peppernell is nine chapters filled with different ways of helping and caring about your inner peace of mind and heart. “The uncertainty and the doubt are always going to be there. You will navigate these thoughts day in and day out. You will feel overwhelmed, like the noise of the world is too much. But this is why to slow down is to accept that life is filled with many feelings. Some are beautiful and others ugly, but they are all connected,” Peppernell writes. Peppernell’s words represent how to acknowledge feelings that are overall negative, but it doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. This poetry book helps manage your good and bad emotions without belittling your situations. 

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

2. “Home body” by Rupi Kaur

“Home body” by Rupi Kaur recognizes the difficult conversations and decisions that go on in someone’s mind. Kaur writes about love, community and embracing the positivity in your friends, family and environment. Kaur also writes about the struggles that women faced and are still facing in society. On page 147, Kaur writes,  “you look tired he says/ i turn to him and say/ yeah i’m exhausted i’ve been fighting misogyny for decades/ how else do you expect me to look.” Throughout this poetry book Kaur tackles diverse topics and a variety of inner conversations that reflect relatable circumstances. 

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

3. “My Greenhouse” by Bella Mayo

“My Greenhouse” by Bella Mayo is a collection of poems about Mayo’s relationships and how they made her feel throughout her life. Mayo recognizes pain, pleasure, lies, manipulation and love in five short chapters.  In the poem “my past life,” Mayo writes, “you feel like another lifetime,/ to merely think of you is an out-of-body/ experience./ me with you, /me without you–/two people i’ve known deeply/ although one keeps drifting further and/ further away,/ between you and me,/ i just can’t keep up anymore.”. Mayo’s words give a sense of realization and understanding when it comes to her feelings. The book is a great example of how to navigate and validate your feelings based on your experience in a relationship while recognizing your own toxic traits.

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

4. “Love By Night” by S.K. Williams

“Love By Night” by S.K. Williams is a poetry book that analyzes the love between two people. Williams not only has written about finding love, but it goes through the different sides of the couple in depth of each step and emotion that comes with pursuing a new relationship. “I won’t always have the words/ to pull you back from the dark/ but I will always be here/ to sit with you in it /and take your hand/ or wrap my arms around you/ until it passes/ for every day of sunshine/ there will be a night of darkness/ but I want to spend both of them/ with you,” Williams writes. The Williams couple wrote this book to express the depth in a monogamous relationship when it comes to individual struggles that come with healing alone and with someone. This book is important to read to others or alone to understand how someone else may feel towards you and to understand why you or someone else is acting the way they are.

Photo by Kiyanna Noel

5. “Vulnerable AF” by Tarriona “Tank” Ball

“Vulnerable AF” by Tarriona Ball is about being open with yourself and holding yourself accountable while validating your emotions. This is the perfect book to get lost in someone else’s life and have self-reflection of yours. In the poem, “Silly Arguments” Ball writes, “OK/So maybe I overreacted/Maybe my pride is caught somewhere between your sarcasm/ Maybe it hurts a little more when you say it/ Maybe our intimacy has ruined you and me and I have never/ regretted something so deeply/ So, yeah/ Maybe I overreacted/Just a little.” Ball writes about her relationship struggles and admits how she has never been in love, but has been a victim of heartbreak. This book allows you to realize your wrongs and identify the different levels of intimacy, love and infatuation. 

Poetry is a way to get lost in the imagery of words and helps distract you from the conflicts you may be facing. Poetry can open your mind to new perspectives and situations. It can help you understand others and learn something new about yourself. 

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