21+ College Drinking Games

By Esther Estrada

In college we make the best memories with our closest friends. Some of those memories stem from drunk nights. College students are notoriously known for playing drinking games on those wild nights. Some stores sell drinking games, but let’s be real: in college you’re trying to have as much fun as possible while saving as much money as you can. There are some games that can spice up your next game night, some of which you can play with items  in your kitchen. You can play with or without alcohol and still enjoy these games. They are fun either way.

(People filling up red cups. Photo by Jonah Brown on unsplash)

Here are some games 21+ college students love to play on the weekends. Please drink responsibly. 

You may play with your choice of alcohol.

Beer Pong 

(Man in a black coat throwing a ball. Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unplash.)


  • Four players – Two teams
  • two calls to restack 
  • If ball falls in cup, the cup is removed and opposing team drinks


  • A long table
  • Total of 20 cups – 10 on each side 
  • Water 
  • Ping pong balls 

Set up: 

On the table, place 10 cups on each end. Arrange the cups in a triangle shape. Cups should be set up in rows of 4,3,2,1. Use water to fill each cup halfway.

How to Play: 

Step 1:  1 vs 1 throws the ball while looking at each other to determine who will go first 

Step 2: If both players get their balls in a cup, repeat again until one team makes it in.

Step 3: Keep repeating, having the opposing team drink if the other team gets the ball in a cup. until one team is left with one cup

Step 4: The team with no cups left wins.

Game Review:

Natalie Perez is a senior attending SUNY Plattsburgh and a fan of beer pong. “This is my go-to game at my house, you never go wrong with a game of beer pong. It’s just something really simple, fun and entertaining to play.”

Flip Cup 


  • Even amount of players 
  • Two teams 
  • Must wait until previous player from the team flips their cup up in order to have next player go 


  • Cups 
  • Beer 
  • Table 

Set up:

For this game you would need the same amount of cups as the number of players. Fill every cup with a little bit of beer, not too much. Arrange them in two separated, even lines.

How to play:

Step 1: First, two players must tap cups three times on the table and with each other and then drink their cup. Spin one full time.

Step 2: Place the cup on the table and try to make the cup flip, landing upside down by flicking it up with your finger.

Step 3: Once previous player flips their cup the next player goes 

Step 4: The next player only needs to drink,spin once and repeat Step 2.

Step 5: the team that has all their players flips all their cups first wins. 

King’s Cup 


  • Last person to pick up the King card drinks the middle cup
  • Each card has their own rule
    • Ace = waterfall – must drink till the person who picked this card stops drinking
    • King = pours a liquid into the middle cup 
    • Queen = Question- anyone who answers this person questions must drink till someone else draws a queen
    • 2 = you – you pick someone to drink 
    • 3 = me – you drink 
    • 4 = floor – you must point to the floor, last person to do so drinks
    • 5 = guys – boys drink 
    • 6 = chicks – girls drink 
    • 7 = heaven – you must point up, last person to do so drinks
    • 8 = Never have I ever – put up 3 fingers and go in a circle saying things you have never done. If someone did it they put their finger down. The first person to have all 3 fingers down drinks
    • 9 = rhyme – pick a word that everyone must pick a word that rhymes with it. The person who can’t think of a word drinks 
    • 10 = categories – pick a topic and everyone in a circle must say something that relates to the topic

Set up:

Place one cup in the middle of the table. Separate the deck of cards in a circle surrounding the cup facing downward.

How to play:

Step 1: One player picks up a card and does what the card says

Step 2: The next player in the circle goes

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2

Step 4: The game ends when the last player to gets the King card

Game Review:

Perez. says, “this is a classic and just a great game that gets everyone lit!”

Stack It Up 


  • Smack the cup of person to your right when you make the ball in the cup 
  • Cup only moves to the right 
  • If you make the ball in the cup on your first try you can pass it to anyone


  • 12 cups or how many you would like  
  • Two extra empty cups 
  • Beer
  • Ping pong balls 

Set up:

Place 12 cups in the center of the table. Fill each cup with beer of your choice; the middle cup must be the only one filled with a different type of drink. You are free to choose your liquor of choice.

How to play:

Step 1: Two people start at the opposite ends of the table

Step 2: Bounce the ball on the table to get it into the cup 

Step 3: Once the ball goes in give it to the next player to your right 

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3, but if the player to the left makes the ping pong ball in before the player to the right does, they slap the playing cup off the table and they would have to drink a cup from the middle. Repeat steps.

Game Review:

Ashley Santo is an undergraduate attending college at SUNY New Paltz. She is a big fan of Stack It Up. “This is probably one of the games my friends and I play that gets us lit really fast. It’s very fun and competitive, especially when two people are playing side by side and everyone is wondering who’s going to end up drinking.”

Musical DRINK 


  • Who ever the bottle stops on must drink 


  • A bottle 
  • Music 

Set up:

Everyone sits in a circle 

How to play:

Just like hot potato, someone will play music and players will pass the bottle in a circle. Once the music stops, the person it lands on must take a shot and is out of the game.

Game Review:

Alex Gonzalez is another current college student at SUNY New Paltz and hear what he has to say about this game: “I found this game on Tik Tok and it looked like so much fun, I had to try. It was even more fun playing; a couple rounds will for sure get the party started.”

Here are some more games you can also play. 

Next time you host a game night at your house try some of these games and let us know how much fun it was. Remember to drink responsibly. 

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