Exploring the Future Through Film

The concept of the future has enamored people for generations. Ever since motion pictures were created, filmmakers have been using their platform to explore the future. But what makes the concept of the future unique in the media is each representation of the future changes from film to film. 

While each representation of the future is fundamentally different, there are common themes found across the board. Movies such as “Terminator” and “Wall-E” deal with a post apocalyptic future in which the concept of being human has fundamentally changed, while “Back to the Future” and “Interstellar” deal with the concept of time travel. All of these films wrestle with the future, but each explores them in different ways.

Another one of the key elements of the future, as represented in film, is the implications that it has for the real world future. For instance, “Terminator” explores what could happen if an artificial intelligence were to take over the world and deem human beings as disposable. The idea of AI gaining sentience and becoming a significant threat to the human race has become more tangible in recent times with more and more companies developing AI.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.

This is what makes films that explore the future so exciting, while some films can be taken as a warning, they all show off the spectacle that the future could be. Flying cars, sentient robots, time-travel, deep-space travel, self tying shoes, hoverboards, lasers, these are all of the things that can be seen on the big screen while watching movies that explore the future.

Join Munya Chimanye, Evan Sabatella and Jesse Taylor as they discuss their favorite films that explore the future, what they think about them and how the concepts explored in these films may come to fruition. Click on the video below to hear more.

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