What Color Would the APN Staff Be?

Nickie Hayes


Despite my favorite color being a blue-gray hue, it doesn’t quite suffice as a representation of me. Albeit, I do know of a color that can: periwinkle. The color can be vibrant, but also subdued. There is a sense of femininity with the color. It evokes a calm, comforting feeling, but can still be bright. On the surface the hue may look cheerful, yet tones of periwinkle elicit a somber emotion. The name periwinkle in itself is a bit quirky, and seemingly no one can determine what the color periwinkle really is. The hue is a mixed bag of colors and may not fit in one specific category, nonetheless it can still make its way into a few color families. When paired with its complementary colors yellow and green, periwinkle brings out their radiance, but also works well with neutral tones and orange hues. The color might not be everyone’s top pick, but a few are fond of periwinkle.

Natalie St. Denis

Deputy Editor

Burgundy Vans sneaker. Photo by Paul Gaudriault on Unsplash.

If I were to pick a color that best represents me, I would say I am burgundy. Besides being a color I like to wear, I think burgundy encompasses a relaxing warm feeling that people are drawn to. More specifically, its deep purple hue carries most of the warmth, and relates to my reserved nature. I also see mystery in burgundy because it is made up of multiple colors in addition to purple, like red and brown. But, these colors blend together in a harmonious way that I think represents my uniqueness and ability to adapt to different situations. Additionally, I sometimes have a hard exterior, but after getting to know me more, I am quick to open up and I seek to give warmth and comfort to others, which I feel when I look at burgundy.

Munya Chimanye


Vibrant yellow-orange building. Photo by Danist Soh on Unsplash.

Jess Landman

Staff Writer

Bright yellow sunshine. Photo by James Day on Unsplash.

I have always been told that I am yellow. Not a dull gold color or yellow-green, but a bright, pastel yellow. I think this comes from my welcoming nature and positive attitude. Bright yellow is a color associated with laughter, hope and sunshine. Putting a positive spin on bad situations and helping others smile has always come easily to me. I like being thought of as yellow. Yellow reflects my personality because I strive to bring a warm energy to others and lift people up.

Molly Ryan

Staff Writer

Pastel yellow Chrysanthemums. Photo by Leiada Krozjhen on Unsplash.

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