5 Ways Fans Believe Game of Thrones Will End

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“Game of Thrones” is one of the biggest television shows in recent memory. The HBO original has amassed a large fan base in recent years and won multiple awards in the process. Now the show is reaching its eighth and final season this month after a nearly two-year hiatus.

During that time, the internet has filled with fan theories and ideas about what the ending of the show will be. There are also plenty of moments and interactions with characters that fans are hoping to see after building up for many years. It’s safe to say the hype and expectations surrounding the show are the highest they’ve ever been.


1)   Will the White Walkers Win?

During the dramatic ending of season seven in 2017, the white walkers were seen destroying the wall with the Night King’s newly acquired ice dragon. This changed the phrase “winter is coming” to “winter is here.” The white walkers have been coming to light more and more as the seasons have gone on, and now the real battle of Game of Thrones is about to be underway.

The one thing everyone wants to know is, who will win? The show is notoriously known for killing off beloved characters left and right. The creator of the story, George R.R. Martin, has been on record many times saying that the show will have a “bittersweet” ending. So many believe that the show will end the same way. Some have said that they think the white walkers will win in the end, either with some sort of truce or by defeating everybody. Others think either Daenerys or Jon Snow, or both will come out on top.

2)   Will Jon Snow Die Again?

After the season five cliffhanger with the death of Jon Snow, and then his coming back in the first episode of season six, Jon has been close to dying many times. He has been crowned the King in the North and has been narrowly successful at every turn since then. However, some believe that he is being saved just until the right moment where he will help humanity in the battle of the white walkers and die in the process.

3)   Cersei & Jaime

Cersei has been the main villain for years on the show, and the addition of the walkers doesn’t really change that. Her reign and influence has led to the horrific deaths of many beloved characters, and it can be hard to find one of her fans. Fans like junior bio major Ebun Smith believe their ending has already been told to us.

“I remember an episode where she is told her little brother will kill her. I think it will be Jamie and they will die together,” Smith said. This theory has been around the internet for years now and many believe it is the theory most likely to come to true.

4)   Daenerys Will Not Survive

The “Mother of Dragons” has had a long run on the show. Making it eight seasons is quite the feat on a show that kills characters off left and right. However, with her new love interest in Jon Snow, some think there have been hints to her having a child and dying as a result.

“The amount of times they’ve talked about her having kids this last season, and knowing this ending will be crazy, I see this as the only ending she will see,” Smith said. Fans of the show know that Daenerys was told she will not be able to have kids, but that hasn’t stopped the theories. When they continually speak on something, it is likely to be important.

5)   Tyrion Will Rule

Tyrion Lannister is one of the most beloved characters on the show. He has drunk and talked his way into the hearts of many fans across the world. He has endured plenty during his story, but one thing he was good at was ruling. He even says it himself, he liked it and he was good at it. When he was running the show at King’s Landing for a short time, he did do a good job. That’s why a lot of blogs and sites believe that the reign of kings and queens will come to an end, and that Tyrion will rule as the first person selected by the people to rule, in a more democratic-republic form of government. It would be one of the more fulfilling endings for fans and would be a nice end to the story for a man who has done so much.


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