After: The Movie Disappoints

WARNING: This article will contain spoilers of the book and movie, “After” by Anna Todd.


Disappointment filled the movie theater air. The movie “After” was released in theaters April 12 and, after reading the entire series last year, I was more than excited to watch one of my favorite books hit the big screen. Being immediately disappointed was an understatement.

The “After” Series by Anna Todd was originally written with Harry Styles, singer and actor, as Tessa’s love interest. Photo taken by Kaylee Adams. 

Tessa Young is a beautiful college freshman. On her first day of school, her mom and her boyfriend, Noah, drop her off into her new dorm and her new life. Upon arrival, her mom is already skeptical over her daughter’s roommate, but trusts that her daughter will be OK.

Tessa meets a boy by the name of Hardin Scott. He’s a British bad boy who reads books by Hemingway but also is covered in tattoos and piercings. Tessa is immediately attracted to Hardin and after a truth or dare game, things begin to escalate. Hardin makes a bet with his group of friends, who quickly become Tessa’s friend group as well. He bets his friends that he can take Tessa’s virginity.

Following the bet, Hardin and Tessa quickly became a fling and start to fall in love — in Tessa’s eyes at least. Even Hardin starts to believe this love. But then it goes south.

Tessa’s roommates and all of her friends are in on the bet Hardin made. He even took the sheets off of her bed that boasted the blood stain to prove he took her virginity. At the end, Tessa finds out and is devastated and embarrassed.

The movie, directed by Jenny Gage, follows the same general plot line as the book. Tessa was played by Josephine Langford and Hardin was played by Hero Fiennies Tiffin. The movie received a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is not the best rating.


The movie poster for the film adaptation of “After.”


I gave this movie a chance because I fell so in love with the story. The book, written by Anna Todd, was originally a fanfiction featuring Harry Styles instead of the now-Hardin Scott. It was later turned into a five-book series. Eventually everything turns out well for Tessa.

In a whole, the movie was lacking passion. The acting wasn’t great but hopefully if they continue the five-part series, the lead actors will improve their skills. The story followed the plot of the book but was missing major details that were needed. It went too fast and it skipped over the really important parts. The entire part of the bet wasn’t in the movie. Hardin having to prove he took Tessa’s virginity and proving it with her bloody sheets was one of the biggest parts of the book. The movie left it completely out. It had so much potential. It’s safe to say the movie didn’t live up to the book.

Sam DeCarcifolo left the movie bothered as well. “Before seeing it, I wanted to read the series because I’ve heard good things. After that movie, I’m not going to waste my time reading the series. The movie turned me off to it.”

Maybe “After” will become like “Fifty Shades of Grey”. The movie for “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed” were much better than the first one, the actors became visibly more comfortable with each other.  Maybe it needs feedback from the fans to understand what was wrong in the movie. The actors need more experience, but overall the movie didn’t do it for me. It was lacking a lot and I hope this one didn’t ruin it for the future movies.  

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