Music Videos We Can’t Forget

Editor’s Note: This article features entries submitted earlier in the year by last semester’s staff. Their positions have been noted as “former.”


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a music video can leave us with a thousand more or none at all. Here are some music videos we’ve decided we’ll never forget, regardless of whether we want to or not.


Kaylee Adams


“Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams

Fan girls worldwide cried on March 25, 2015, when it was announced that Zayn Malik had left One Direction. The same panic most likely happened across Europe in July 1995, when another British bad boy left his band. Robbie Williams had split from Take That.

Most Americans may not know of Williams because for some reason, his music managed to breakthrough every country but the United States. In fact, I may be one of the few Americans to be traumatized by the oddity that is “Rock DJ,” which was released on July 31, 2000. While the music video did win “British Video of the Year” at the 2001 Brit Awards, parts of the video were cut by music channels, including MTV and VH1 Europe. The video was even ranked number 48 on MuchMusic’s 50 Most Controversial Videos. 

The video features a dancing Williams in the middle of a roller disco rink while models skate around him. Williams attempts to impress the uninterested DJ with his dance moves, but to no avail. He begins to remove his clothes to catch her eye, going all the way down to his birthday suit, garnering a short glance from the DJ. With the realization that his strategy is working, Williams begins to remove his skin, intriguing the skating models. Only more motivated, he continues to rip off his muscles and organs, tossing them into the faces of the women. In the end, the DJ dances with his skeleton.

I couldn’t forget this video if I tried.


Kristina Watrobski

Staff Writer

“I’m Still Standing” by Elton John

Unfortunately and embarrassingly, I am quite late to the Elton John party. I didn’t watch his music video for “I’m Still Standing” until nine years after its release, but I still don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it.  

An upbeat, feel-good song with hopeful and resonating lyrics is paired with the video it deserves: one filled with beaches, dancing and all the flamboyance of the ’80s. When I watch this video, I cannot help but be in a great mood and optimistic toward the future. It captures all the relief and happiness Elton John felt at this point in his life and shares it with everyone who watches. Thanks to this song and video, I’ll always make sure I’m “still standing.”  


Amay Singh

Staff Writer

“Coco Jambo” by K. Ronaldo

K Ronaldo is Yung Hurn’s alternate ego wherein he portrays himself to be his own self’s elder brother. Did that not make a lot of sense to you? Wait until you listen to his music. 

I can’t forget “Coco Jambo” because, in all honesty, I have never seen a music video like it. The iconic moustache, the beats, the footage shot in slow motion with him doing random things, the moaning and yelling in the middle of the song—all of it contributes to this visual masterpiece. Everything about the video makes you truly question, “Wo ist der Scheiß?” 


Caroline Bagby

Staff Writer

“Drag Me Down” by One Direction

One Direction holds a special place in my heart. They were the first band I was truly obsessed with. Naturally, when “Drag Me Down” was released, it was the only song I listened to for at least a month. 

The reason I will never forget this video is because it made history. The joy I felt at 15-years-old seeing people I admire doing something that had never been done before was immeasurable.  The video that accompanied the song, released on August 20, 2015, was the first music video to be filmed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. This was also the band’s first single without former member Zayn Malik, who left the band in March of that year. As a fan, it was hard to imagine how the band would be the same without him, but this song in my opinion was one of their best songs ever released. 


Sophia DeVito

Former Web Editor

“Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande

Music has become a major part of my life. I find it relaxing and a way to help me through problems I didn’t even know I had. Last fall, Ariana Grande released her song “Thank U, Next.” It quickly became my go-to every time I opened Apple Music. 

At the time, I was struggling with relationship problems. Nothing extreme, but this song just gave me the confidence I wanted and needed. Then the music video dropped on November 30, 2018, and it’s something I’ve watched a million times since. 

The video isn’t just Grande looking beautiful as ever. It portrays four of my favorite movies: “Mean Girls,” ‘Legally Blonde,” “Bring It On” and last but certainly not least, “13 Going on 30,” one of my all-time favorite movies. She recreated four childhood favorites and made them even better. This music video brings happiness every time I turn it on. 


Anthony Bubbico

Former Staff Writer

“When It’s Love” by Van Halen

Van Halen released the album “OU812” in 1988. It was their second album with lead singer Sammy Hagar. The video captures Van Halen performing the song “When It’s Love” in an empty bar. 

I was 12-years-old when I first saw this video and became obsessed. Something about the bare bones approach to the video, and the band performing really struck a chord in me. I would play along to this song on my drums every night before I went to bed. I would often dream I was a member of the band performing in the bar.

The song also inspired my interest in keyboards. During this time period, guitarist Eddie Van Halen was experimenting with mixing his guitar and keyboard playing. I hoped one day I could play keyboards on stage or better yet, write a song about love.

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