Five Mundane Things To-Do During Self-Isolation

Life is strange at the moment. Most of us are stuck inside, twiddling our thumbs waiting for something to do. One could, in theory, find something very exciting to do like learning a new skill or doing a puzzle with family. Those things do get boring after a while, so here are five mundane things to do when you get tired from all the excitement.

Woman staring at a wall
Woman staring at a wall. Photo licenced under CC0 1.0
  1. Watch Paint Dry

A tried and true classic! If you have walls that need to be painted, or even if you don’t, find a wall and paint it. Once you’re finished grab your favorite chair, set it in front of your freshly painted wall, and sit in silence as you watch your wall slowly dry. You could, if you wish, think about all the good times you had back before you were stuck in self-isolation. You could also think about why you’re sitting in front of a wall watching paint dry, but I recommend not going down that path. 

Green grass
Green grass. Photo by Digital Buggu
  1. Watch Grass Grow

This activity is almost the same thing as watching paint dry, but now you’re outside! Go to your backyard, or your front yard if you’re feeling saucy, lay down and watch those green plants grow. I do not recommend doing this after it has rained for obvious reasons. If you don’t have grass you can watch a house plant. While doing this you can think about times when you could go places that weren’t the grocery store. You could also, much like watching paint dry, think about why you’re staring at grass, but again I do not recommend it. 

iPad showing a movie streaming service with a Macbook in the background.
iPad showing a movie streaming service with a Macbook in the background. Photo by Pixabay

3. Over Analyze Your Favorite Movies

Why watch something new when you can watch and judge the same movies you’ve watched for years? With all the streaming services available, the selection of movies is almost endless, but don’t let that stop you from watching the Star Wars movies for the millionth time. After watching these movies numerous times you start to notice plot holes and things that just don’t quite make sense. You could write down your overanalyzations in a notebook, keeping track of the things you have already noticed and adding new things until you potentially ruin the movie. Once this has been accomplished, you can move on to your next favorite movie and start the process over again. If you wish to fill up the notebook faster you can watch movies that you hate.

A woman with her head resting on a laptop.
A woman with her head resting on a laptop. Photo taken by Andrea Piacquadio

4. Remember Every Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done

Everybody has done at least one embarrassing thing in their life, so why not reminisce on the things that make you blush or openly sigh. It can be difficult, but the options for fun activities are slim, so why not take a trip down an awkward memory lane. You can even share them with your friends and make a game out of it or you can lay in bed at night and think about how you didn’t learn how to ride a bike until high school. That is just an example, and definitely not a true fact that keeps me awake at night.

5. Sit In Awkward Silence with Family Members

This one is for those college students who had to abruptly move home. In some cases, you don’t really know what to talk about. You probably can’t tell them stories about all of the fun nights out you had. So, you sit there in silence, waiting for one of your family members to say something, anything to fill the void of silence. You can try talking about how each other’s days went, but it will likely be the same answer they gave yesterday. Eventually, the conversation fades and the room is sucked back into silence. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try to ignore the silence by thinking about all of the embarrassing things you’ve done.

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